Are More Sox Moves in the Works as the Trade Deadline Approaches?

Are More Sox Moves in the Works as the Trade Deadline Approaches?

Kenny Williams doesn't seem satisfied with just acquiring Kevin Youkilis, Brett Myers and Francisco Liriano. From the comments he made to reporters over the weekend he's not done bolstering the White Sox, who look more and more like a team that's going to play October baseball.

The Sox GM, who seems to get an itchy trigger finger every season around the July 31 trade deadline, has a couple of days to add to the puzzle of putting together a championship team. It looks like the question is not if he'll make another move, but what will he do.

Here are some thoughts:

--A six-man starting rotation is in the works with the addition of Liriano. But could that change if the Sox are blown away in a deal that would send Gavin Floyd elsewhere? Floyd has pitched well lately, including his performance in last night's 2-0 defeat to the Rangers, could be coveted by clubs making a pennant push and might bring a package of prospects plus some bench help for the current 25-man roster.

--Is Williams satisfied with the bullpen or is he looking for another piece? There was a rumor over the weekend that the Sox were interested in the Mariners' Brandon League. Or is there a possibility of bringing in someone like League and trading Matt Thornton? Frankly, I'd be surprised if the on-again, off-again Thornton would be dealt at this juncture, but stranger things have happened--especially if another top-flight reliever is brought in.

--Many feel that Gordon Beckham's days are numbered at second base. While he's proven to be an elite player defensively, there are doubts that his offense will ever revert back to his rookie year. I can't see Beckham being dealt midseason, but he is a chip. I think it's much more realistic that he would be dealt in the offseason if it's true that the Sox have lost their patience with him.

--I think it's accurate to say that dealing Floyd, Thornton or Beckham would be bold even for KW. So if he doesn't want to go there, perhaps the addition of a stronger fourth outfielder than Jordan Danks or a more offensively-inclined catcher than Tyler Flowers. Flowers, of course, is an interesting case. You hear what a fine defensive catcher he is, but we all know his strikeouts are Dunn-like. The big question here, with A.J. Pierzynski in his walk year, is if the Sox see Flowers as their catcher of the future. If he is, then the Sox will have to live with him being a capable defensive backup for now, like most No. 2 catchers in the majors.

All of this is pure speculation. I have no inside information about the Sox's next steps, but I'm convinced more action is on the way.



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  • " I have no inside information ..."

    I have to commend you for being the first blogger to admit that.

    I don't either, but it appears to me that the availability of "low cost, high reward" trades is now limited.

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