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Five Ways to Think and Act Like an Effective Project Manager

You don’t have to be a project manager to think like one and benefit from their approach to project work. Getting work done, and done well, usually involves having a plan.  But where does that plan come from?  How do you get started, and how do you see it through?  These are questions I hear... Read more »

How to Fix Failed Deadlines—Plan by Milestones

Businesses move forward project by project, yet so many projects fail to meet expectations.  Why is this?  The framework of a project seems to be so straight-forward.  But, we seem to miss the mark time and again, even after having incorporated “learnings” from our previous projects. Project planning is a process of identifying likely scenarios... Read more »

Program Management Fundamentals

Program management has become a core discipline of today’s information-era businesses.  It is the system by which a business gains leverage; the compounding effect of efficiencies and control of project work that would otherwise be unavailable by managing projects independently. Whether running a small business, or a global multinational, program management—by way of its assorted... Read more »