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5 Myths About Program Management

Every so often it is a good idea to do a check-in on some of the things we have made long-standing assumptions about, particularly when it comes to jargon and lexicon.  Our language evolves, updates, and adapts very quickly alongside the quick pace of change in our culture and technology.  However, we still carry with... Read more »

Five Ways to Think and Act Like an Effective Project Manager

You don’t have to be a project manager to think like one and benefit from their approach to project work. Getting work done, and done well, usually involves having a plan.  But where does that plan come from?  How do you get started, and how do you see it through?  These are questions I hear... Read more »

How to Fix Failed Deadlines—Plan by Milestones

Businesses move forward project by project, yet so many projects fail to meet expectations.  Why is this?  The framework of a project seems to be so straight-forward.  But, we seem to miss the mark time and again, even after having incorporated “learnings” from our previous projects. Project planning is a process of identifying likely scenarios... Read more »

Program Management Fundamentals

Program management has become a core discipline of today’s information-era businesses.  It is the system by which a business gains leverage; the compounding effect of efficiencies and control of project work that would otherwise be unavailable by managing projects independently. Whether running a small business, or a global multinational, program management—by way of its assorted... Read more »