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Counter-Balancing the "Insta-On" Work Culture

A new concept is beginning to take hold in the business world—that of the blurring of the boundaries between working hours and non-working hours. Fewer and fewer of us are punching the clock and are instead finding ourselves in blended and sometimes ambiguous scenarios where our personal and professional lives overlap in deeper and more... Read more »

The Chicago Model – Starting Up Successfully

Chicago is abuzz with new ventures and start-ups.  A quick scan of local media (and some national media, too) on any given day shows the increasing pull of the developing Silicon Prairie.  A varsity line-up of start-ups like Groupon and grubHub are forging ahead, and major league players like the freshly rebranded Motorola Mobility and... Read more »

Making a Job Search Work

In last week’s post I outlined a primer for writing an expert resume as an integral part of a job search.  A resume is one asset (of a few) that needs to be honed and kept at the ready as it is part of the choreography between different efforts and stages in any job search.  But, the resume is neither the... Read more »

A Primer for Writing an Expert Resume

Every business venture is only ever as good as its people.  Finding the right talent and fit for a position is a major undertaking for both hiring managers and applicants alike.  Though technology has shifted the methods of engagement a bit, the fundamentals of job searching and hiring are remain steadfast.  Over the years I... Read more »

Five Essential Steps for Designing Business Success

Whether or not entrepreneurs or business managers realize it, or consciously set out to do it, we design our business successes (and failures).  We set ourselves up for success, or for failure.  At the heart of any great business venture, regardless of complexity or whether your funding is in the thousands or millions, there are... Read more »

What's Next? How It Gets Better

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the NFTE Chicago’s 2013 Citywide Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge, hosted by Morningstar at their Chicago headquarters. Together with a great crowd of entrepreneurs, educators, business people, and students, I watched the six high school finalists expertly present their business plans to a esteemed panel of judges and an encouraging... Read more »

The Art of Meeting Effectively

Chicago is in the throws of Spring, which means longer days and warmer weather (by historical average, at least).  It also means we find ourselves getting a bit more antsy toward the end of each sunny business day.  The better weather is enticing us to get home and enjoy a sun-lit evening.  If you are experiencing this... Read more »