Ryan L. Sievers

Ryan L. Sievers, MBA is a business strategy expert working at the forefront of applying creative business thinking to real-world challenges.  In 2001 Ryan founded Sievers & Co., a business strategy consultancy with a reputation for innovative solutions.  The Iowa native has lived on three continents and has worked with a diverse amalgam of clients, across many industries.  Ryan taught as an adjunct professor of business for five years, and spent three pioneering years at Microsoft developing strategic programs to improve the agility of its Business division.  In 2011 Ryan returned to his Midwest roots to claim Chicago as his home and to co-found Marc-Ryan Group, a publishing, media, services, and consumer products company.  Following the successful launch of his second major venture, Ryan spent two years as a program management leader at Redbox, an Outerwall Inc. company.  Today Ryan is part of the Business Advisory practice at the Chicago office of Slalom Consulting and is a sought-after consultant, trusted advisor, coach, and speaker.  Ryan received his BA in Anthropology from Iowa State University, and his MBA from the United Business Institutes in Brussels Belgium.

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