Game of Thrones? Walking Dead? No, thanks. I'm hanging with Perry Mason

Game of Thrones? Walking Dead? No, thanks. I'm hanging with Perry Mason
These are the kinds of shows that no one at work can talk about unless everyone within earshot has seen the latest episode. (Then it’s yada-yada-yada-I-can’t-believe-that-happened, and everyone has their own version of here’s-what-I-think-will-happen-next.) I get the attraction. Award-winning shows like this deliver what viewers apparently want — realism mixed with fantasy, comedy and drama... Read more »

Hooked on meatloaf: The secret glaze that's not so secret

Can this even be a thing? “Hooked on” meatloaf, of all things? I’ve written before about things I’m hooked on, like lime water or our family’s favorite French fries. But meatloaf? We live in a time where food porn is a thing, and people post food pics on every social media platform. Like … Sweet... Read more »

Perfect cold-weather comfort food: Crockpot baked apples without any fuss

This is one of those recipes that’s stupid-simple to make and goes with just about anything. Homemade Baked Apples. I’ve always liked the idea of baked apples, but I also make no secret of the fact that I’m a lazy cook. I don’t want to core apples, then make up some mixture to stuff down... Read more »
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He promised a wall. Mission accomplished.

I’m having a hard time following much of this post-election coverage. I can’t take one more minute of how-did-it-how-could-this-happen. It did. And there are no surprises here. He’s the man who promised The Wall. We all have family, friends, neighbors and co-workers who made this happen. We heard their comments. We heard them say how... Read more »

Daiquiris: The perfect icy, slushy, fruity summer drink

The bottle inventory in my garage attests to my affinity for martinis. Not the pre-dinner martini my parents drank (clear, straight up, dry), but the kinds of martinis that come in all colors and flavors. My group of Martini Friends helped me build that inventory, bottle by bottle. We decompressed on Fridays after a stressful... Read more »

Hey, card companies, where are the wedding cards for my gay friends?

Andy and Bob are getting married. Andy is my colleague, well-liked and respected in our department. His wedding isn’t until August, but with the school year winding down, we decided to have a celebration for him. As soon as we can bust out of school, we’re headed over to Cooper’s Hawk to that wonderful bar... Read more »

Step away from the Oreos; here's an easy cookie recipe made for lazy cooks like me

I freely admit I am a lazy cook. That means I don’t mess with yeast, whipped egg whites or pie crusts. (Refrigerated pie dough — genius.) Neither do I knead. Cookie recipes that tell me to roll, slice, cut or shape don’t make it in my kitchen, either. (Snickerdoodles excluded.) Drop cookies are made for... Read more »

The best french fries you'll ever eat

We grill year round at my house. My husband turns out perfectly-grilled steaks and burgers with just the right amount of char on the outside, while inside, the pink sits just close enough to the red. The only question to decide when we grill is what else are we having with it. For many years... Read more »

Start your cookouts with potato salad, jello and a martini. Summer will find us.

Saturday morning I woke to a snow-covered yard and my weather app reading 21-feels-like-10. I stood on the back porch and watched my dog revert to his winter three-leg snow squat, wobbling as he took care of business, while once again I exhaled winter-white puffs. It’s April. Where the heck is spring? I’d planned to... Read more »

I'm in love with my percolator

For years I was perfectly happy with our Cuisinart drip coffee maker. I ground whole beans, filled the basket, poured in cold water, set it to brew, then walked away, until the aroma of freshly-brewed coffee filled the air and called me back to the kitchen. What’s more perfect than that first morning pour, with... Read more »