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Chicago Style (Amtrak Gangnam Style Parody)

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This video of Markus Shields giving students a tour of Chicago is absolutely hilarious. Enjoy!  

Your first sing-a-long of the New Year!

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I know it’s already the 6th day of 2013; however, I could not go without sharing this AVByte video off of YouTube. AVByte is absolutely hilarious, and I am unsure how I failed to see this video until almost a week into the new year. Regardless, I hope you enjoy New Year – The Musical.

Naked Arkansas Man Interrupts Newscast

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While KARK-TV was interviewing an elderly couple for a news report, a naked man, identified as Nathaniel Koba, walked out of the woods. This occurred in Benton, Arkansas, which if you know anything about Benton, this is not be surprising to you. I provide this video to you as your laugh for this week’s hump... Read more »

Spider-Man's Less Impressive Superpower

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Here is a funny to help us forget the heat wave.

Weird facial expressions + great voice = Mike Tompkins

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The weekend is here. In the event you find out that you have some downtime, be sure to check out Mike Tompkins on YouTube. I have been subscribed to his videos for some time, and love to watch them. Every sound you hear in the video, he makes with his voice and mouth. So, while... Read more »