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Who is the worst weatherperson in Chicago?

Who is the worst weatherperson in Chicago?
WGN’s Larry Potash asked this morning on his Facebook page “Who do you think is the worst weatherman in Chicago?”. The answers to his question were completely varied, including people claiming they all sucked, that it got me thinking who do people really think is the worst weatherperson in Chicago. For that reason, I decided... Read more »

Frozen's Let It Go: Chicago Style

WGN Morning News anchor/reporter Dan Ponce has created a parody of Let It Go from Disney’s Frozen. Since this winter is never going to end, it’s a great way to relax and poke fun at it for a bit. Enjoy! Type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. My list... Read more »

Chicago - Year One: My Favorite Things!

I cannot believe that today concludes one full year in Chicagoland. During the year, Kyle and I have been fortunate to have had more ups than downs; however, almost everything we have done this year has been new to us. So, as we prepare to say goodbye to 2011, I give you my Top 10... Read more »

Chicago - Year One: My Least Favorite Things!

Tomorrow I will post my Top 10 Favorite Things about the Chicago area; however, today I am going to reveal my Top 5 least favorite things. I love it here, but as we all know, not everything can be perfect. 5.  Suburbs – Why are there so many? I can drive down a single road for... Read more »

Beautiful Snowy-Fog this morning!

This morning I awoke to something I had never seen before. It was foggy, but the fog was snow. It was so beautiful. The snowy-fog left a light coating of snow on the trees, cars, and anything else outside. It was so beautiful, that after I read my morning papers, I grabbed the camera and headed out.... Read more »

Hurricane David: What do you know about him?

Today marks the 32nd anniversary of Hurricane David’s final landfall. Now, I do not normally write about history; however, I found it fascinating to know that there was a hurricane named David the same year that I was born. It was also the first male name to be retired, as male names had just started... Read more »

Southern view on the heat wave...

First, who knew Chicago got this hot. I was use to this in Arkansas, but for it to get up to 100 degrees here is ridiculous. Hopefully, it will cool off soon. However, until then, I have some great ways to beat the heat from a southerner who is used to this type of thing.... Read more »
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