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Chicago Cubs: Wrigley Field home to my first sporting event

Getting to Wrigley Field early is a must, as you can explore this historic place with free roam.
After 34 years of life, I finally attended my very first professional sporting event when I watched a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field last week. Not knowing what to expect, my partner and I showed up at Wrigley Field about an hour before to the Cubs hosted the Milwaukee Brewers. This head start gave us... Read more »

The Renaissance Faire: History in your backyard

Prior to entering the Faire, you will recieve a speech from the Mayor of Bristol.
The Bristol Renaissance Faire is in full swing up in Kenosha, Wisconsin. On opening weekend a few weeks ago, my partner and I made the drive to finally experience all that the Faire has to offer. For those not in the know, the Bristol Renaissance Faire recreates Queen Elizabeth I’s visit to Bristol in 1574. Visitors and... Read more »

Comedy in Chicago is at its' peak with The Shit Show

Comedy in Chicago is at its' peak with The Shit Show
As we prepare to say goodbye to another month, it is, once again, time to say hello to The Shit Show. The Shit Show, in case you do not know, is a free comedy showcase held the last Friday of every month at The Shambles. Though the show has been making waves for years here in... Read more »

Chicago plays Hump Night at Strawdog Theatre

Chicago plays Hump Night at Strawdog Theatre
The Strawdog Theatre Company welcomes back Hump Night this Wednesday evening. Hump Night, returning after a two week vacation, is a three-part hysterical show that guarantees laughs and giggles for over three solid hours. I had the pleasure of attending the performance right before their break, and I must say that this is a Chicago must... Read more »

Gay Pride 2013: Focused on Marriage Equality

This happened!
Chicago’s 44th Annual Pride Parade is now in the history books. According to the Chicago Police Department, over 1 million supporters lined the streets to watch one of the biggest celebrations of the year in Chicago. The parade, occurring less than a week after the United States Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage... Read more »

Chicago Festivals: 10 Things you are sure to notice

Suggested Donations are one of the main things you will notice. Chicago Festivals have a tendency to say they have a "Suggested Donation" for the Admission Price. Quit lying to yourself Chicago. It's an Admission Fee. Just call it what it is.
Whether it’s a huge Festival like Lollapalooza, or a neighborhood event like RibFest, Chicagoans love their Festivals. Matter-of-fact, many Chicagoans get through the long, cold winter months by fantasizing about how awesome the upcoming festival season will be. Even I even jumped on the bandwagon this year. After the winter that did not want to release its’ grip, I... Read more »

Wrigleyville: SausageFest Arrives

Ever find yourself stuck at a party that you dub a Sausage Fest? Well, why not find yourself at an actual event named SausageFest? That’s right, the 3rd Annual SausageFest Chicago, yes I promise that is the name, is this weekend at Wrigleyville. If you are like me, you are going just so you can check-in... Read more »

Chicago Anniversary: My First Month as a Chicagoan

First and foremost, the moving was brutal. Fortunately, we had a great friend help Kyle while I went to work. Now, we just need to find time to stay home and finish unpacking.
I cannot believe that today marks my one month Anniversary of living in the City of Chicago. It has been an awesome month full of surprises and new adventures. First and foremost, I had to get accustomed to riding the CTA. It’s fun, but it is so different than what I’m used to. You can... Read more »

Cirque Shanghai: Dragon's Thunder is a must see

Cirque Shanghai Chinese Flex Bar
After seeing last year’s Cirque Shanghai: Year of the Dragon, I could not wait to go see their new Dragon’s Thunder show this year. Fortunately, my chance came last night during the Press Opening of the new show at Navy Pier’s Pepsi Skyline Stage. I just have to say that everybody has to go see... Read more »

International Mr. Leather Weekend in pictures! provides some of the hottest men.
International Mr. Leather Weekend is here. Though this is the 35th year the event has been held, this is the first time I have ever attended. For those that are unfamiliar with the event, the City of Chicago hosts Mr. Leather Weekend, referred to in the community as IML, every year. Though this year the... Read more »