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Southern Baptists want you to avoid porn (also continue hating homosexuals)

Southern Baptists want you to avoid porn (also continue hating homosexuals)
The Southern Baptists have decided that they do not have enough things to hate, so they are turning their attention to one of men’s favorite pastimes, porn. The Southern Baptists, who founded their organization on slavery and racism, have attempted to control the minds of its’ 16 million members for years. Hell, after asking in... Read more »

Gay Pride 2013: Focused on Marriage Equality

This happened!
Chicago’s 44th Annual Pride Parade is now in the history books. According to the Chicago Police Department, over 1 million supporters lined the streets to watch one of the biggest celebrations of the year in Chicago. The parade, occurring less than a week after the United States Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage... Read more »

Pro Gay Marriage Rally held in Chicago

This is me carrying a sign.
After the historic actions yesterday of having both the Defense of Marriage Act overturned and Prop 8 dismissed by the United States Supreme Court, gays, lesbians, and our allys gathered in BoysTown last night to celebrate. Not being one to let historic events pass us by, my partner and I ran over to join in on the festivities.... Read more »

Prop 8 and DOMA spark Red Facebook love

Prop 8 and DOMA spark Red Facebook love
The United States Supreme Court has wrapped up oral arguments in the case challenging California’s Proposition 8. Now we play the waiting game as we await their decision, as well as the hearing and ruling on the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act that should be heard tomorrow. As we wait to hear their ruling in... Read more »

Gay Social Networking Site Kaliido Launches Today

Gay Social Networking Site Kaliido Launches Today
After being in a private invite-only testing phase for the past few months, the gay social networking site Kaliido offically opens up to the public today. Though the site is now offically launched, it will, at least according to a press release from the company, remain an invite-only community. I personally have been testing the site,... Read more »

A Gay Election Day: Obama, Gay Marriage, and Tammy Baldwin win

It was a great Election Day for American gays and lesbians. The first president to openly support gay marriage won re-election. I know I, along with most of my gay and lesbian family, were beyond excited to see the election called in the favor of President Barack Obama. However, just as notable, for the first... Read more »

NBC's The New Normal is breathtakingly funny

I just finished watching NBC’s pilot episode of The New Normal. This show is absolutely hilarious. If the remaining season of the show is as fascinating as the first episode, NBC may have their version of Modern Family on the schedule. Of course, in my opinion, Modern Family quit being funny about two seasons ago.... Read more »

Pictures from the 43rd Annual Chicago Pride Parade

UPDATE: Facebook finally let me post all my pictures. You can go here to see them. Yesterday, as you may have heard, myself and 850,000 of my closest friends gathered on the streets of Chicago to celebrate the 43rd Annual Chicago Gay Pride Parade. It was a phenomenal experience. Kyle and I gathered up a couple of our... Read more »

Chicago Pride Parade this Sunday!

Chicago Pride Parade this Sunday!
This coming Sunday is the 43rd Annual Chicago Pride Parade. This will be the second time I get to attend the festival. Last year, I was such a newbie that I got stuck in congestion and could not see most of the parade. I hope above all hope that I get a good seat for this... Read more »

Review: Uptown Cafe - Good food worth the cost of no service

While driving around one morning, my partner and I decided to stop at Uptown Cafe in Arlington Heights for breakfast. The diner, located at 24 East Miner Street in Arlington Heights, is a busy little eatery. My initial impression was not great only because the table we were being placed at had just had a... Read more »
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