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Avoid negative influences on Social Media Outlets!

I cannot believe it has been almost a month since my last post. I guess life just got in the way. However, I am back, and I promise to do better. The main reason for my lack of blogging is that I had planned to take a week off to evaluate where I am in... Read more »

Review: Kings Rosemont is the hidden gem of bowling alleys.

Review: Kings Rosemont is the hidden gem of bowling alleys.
The other night I had some friends come in from Little Rock. Since it was not their first time in the Chicago area, they had done the more touristy stuff. So to give them something a bit different, we headed over to Kings Bowling in Rosemont. Now I have to let everyone know that I... Read more »

Ravinia cost me my faith in mankind!

Ravinia cost me my faith in mankind!
Last night I had my first experience at Ravinia. First and foremost, the performers, Idina Menzel and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, are two acts that I was so excited to see. I was super happy that I could see them perform together at Ravinia. The CSO is absolutely wonderful. They are near perfection when it... Read more »

7th Heaven is Pure Bliss

7th Heaven is Pure Bliss
If you are from the Chicagoland area, you probably know Richie Hofherr, Nick Cox, Keith Semple, Michael Mooshey, and Mark Kenneth by name. Of course, if you do not, you may know them by their band name 7th Heaven. This local band has charted on Billboard, has a single on world-wide radio, and has been featured on... Read more »

A day in the life of a very spoiled dog...

Nibbler's Easter Picture as provided by The Grooming Spa, 21 North Wilke Road, Arlington Heights.
I know that I have not been on the blog a lot, and I apologize for that. Not only have I been a very bad blogger, I have been very sick. After I finally finished with a sinus infection, I got the flu. Once I thought I was out of the clear on that, I... Read more »

Saying goodbye to bad friends...

The end of Say No To Small Dose Friends February is here. Not only that, it is Leap Day. So now, let us take that leap of faith and say no to our small dose friends. As you know, it is the friends that cause more harm than good, more pain than happiness, more regret... Read more »

Making a friend checklist? Not as silly as it seems!

In continuing Say No To Small Dose Friends February, today I will focus on making and keeping friends. Though it would be childish to take a pen to paper and review every friend you have, everybody has those friends that are obviously not a good fit for them. I am going to give you two... Read more »

What if somebody's best just isn't good enough?

In continuing my “Say No To Small Dose Friends February” series, I am going to take a look at people that just do not meet our expectations. The first issue is that regardless of who you are or what you do, you imprint an expectation on everyone you meet. It could be anything from them... Read more »

Say No To Small Dose Friends February – Week 2

So today starts week 2 of “Say No To Small Does Friends February”. I just wanted to check in and see how everybody is doing. I know that I am learning to say “no” to people. This really helps make life a bit easier. When the friends we are working to avoid want something, just... Read more »

Say No To Small Dose Friends February - Day 2

How did everyone do on Day 1 of “Say No To Small Dose Friends February“? If you are like me and avoided them, you probably feel a little less stressed. We have decided to take away their power to annoy us. We have decided that we are going to deal with them in a healthy,... Read more »
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