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Pharrell Williams' Happy: My secret confession

Did you just watch that video above this? Did you love it? I know you did. Well, last evening, the great folks here at ChicagoNow held a group event where everyone posted about their guilty secret. Though I opted out of participating due to other engagements, I do have a confession to make. Unfortunately, my... Read more »

Wrigleyville: SausageFest Arrives

Ever find yourself stuck at a party that you dub a Sausage Fest? Well, why not find yourself at an actual event named SausageFest? That’s right, the 3rd Annual SausageFest Chicago, yes I promise that is the name, is this weekend at Wrigleyville. If you are like me, you are going just so you can check-in... Read more »

Your first sing-a-long of the New Year!

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I know it’s already the 6th day of 2013; however, I could not go without sharing this AVByte video off of YouTube. AVByte is absolutely hilarious, and I am unsure how I failed to see this video until almost a week into the new year. Regardless, I hope you enjoy New Year – The Musical.

Call Me Maybe - 2012 USA Olympic Swimming Team

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We are just hours away from the 2012 Olympics, and I could not be more excited. To help build up anticipation, here is a video that I had to share. The USA Swim Team made their very own video of “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen. It is pretty sweet. 🙂 Of course, do not... Read more »

Mark Your Calendar: Palatine's Rockin' The Blocks is coming up...

Mark Your Calendar: Palatine's Rockin' The Blocks is coming up...
We are finally less than one week away from the Rockin’ The Blocks festival presented by the Palatine Area Chamber of Commerce. The inaugural event will be held this Saturday, July 28th from Noon until 11 p.m. at the BMO Harris Bank parking lot. Located at the corner of Brockway and Slade, the Festival will... Read more »

Ravinia cost me my faith in mankind!

Ravinia cost me my faith in mankind!
Last night I had my first experience at Ravinia. First and foremost, the performers, Idina Menzel and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, are two acts that I was so excited to see. I was super happy that I could see them perform together at Ravinia. The CSO is absolutely wonderful. They are near perfection when it... Read more »

7th Heaven is Pure Bliss

7th Heaven is Pure Bliss
If you are from the Chicagoland area, you probably know Richie Hofherr, Nick Cox, Keith Semple, Michael Mooshey, and Mark Kenneth by name. Of course, if you do not, you may know them by their band name 7th Heaven. This local band has charted on Billboard, has a single on world-wide radio, and has been featured on... Read more »

Local performance group exceeds with Avenue Q

If you want to talk about finding buried treasures in ones own backyard, imagine my surprise last night to find the Cutting Hall Performing Arts Center. After having canceled plans of going to a Cubs game, Kyle and I were off to find something to do. Thanks for a recent segment on WGN-TV, we knew that... Read more »

Weird facial expressions + great voice = Mike Tompkins

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The weekend is here. In the event you find out that you have some downtime, be sure to check out Mike Tompkins on YouTube. I have been subscribed to his videos for some time, and love to watch them. Every sound you hear in the video, he makes with his voice and mouth. So, while... Read more »

Choose your personal anthem today!

Today is National Anthem Day. Though the day is used to honor the Star Spangled Banner, I think we should use it to pick our own personal anthem as well. What song describes your life? Is it a fast song, or does you life flow more to the beat of an Adele song? My personal... Read more »