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Saying goodbye to Fred: The Gangsta Hamster

A sad morning today in the Horn-Quinn Manor. After almost two years in the family, our beloved Fred passed on today. Upon waking up this morning, I noticed that Fred was not moving. Thinking the worst, I opened his cage to check on him. Unfortunately, it was much worse than I had thought. He was... Read more »

REVIEW: Loving Care Animal Clinic shows the love!

REVIEW: Loving Care Animal Clinic shows the love!
One of the hardest things to handle while making a huge move is making sure your pets are thoroughly taken care of. Before leaving Arkansas, Kyle and I had to make sure that Nibbler, Zander, and Cleatus were legal to cross state lines. Well to be honest, Kyle and our friend Teresa Medlock handled it.... Read more »

Always remember the Canine's 10 Commandments!

Always remember the Canine's 10 Commandments!
Sometimes, we all get too busy to play with our animals. However, we must remember that we are all our pets have. In light of recent news of people abandoning their animals to take a new apartment, I find myself holding my canine friends and hamster a little closer. NOTE: I am not holding the... Read more »

Fred: The Gangsta Hamsta II

Our lovable hamster Fred has been part of our family since the beginning. Fred was a gift to me from Kyle for my birthday last year. My birthday was the day before Kyle and I became an official item. Therefore, Fred has been with us for the long haul. Once our family of two men, two dogs, a cat, and... Read more »

My first trip outside of Chicagoland in 8 months, 22 days

I can’t believe I have been in the Chicago area for 8 months and 21 days. It seems like forever; while at the same time feeling like yesterday. I have several posts in the work; however, I just had to explain my absence over the past week. For starters, Fred is doing better. My gangsta... Read more »

Fred: The Gangsta Hamsta

So I have the baddest hamster ever. I do not know what it is about my animals that make them so awesome, but they are. Fred, a gift to me from Kyle last year for my birthday, is just a bada**. He makes Chuck Norris look like a wimp. Earlier this year, I got him... Read more »
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