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Free and Frugal things to do in Chicago

After watching Cirque Shanghai: Dragon’s Thunder on Wednesday, my partner and I stuck around Navy Pier for the fireworks show. Believe it or not, we had yet to catch the fireworks at the Pier. Let me tell that I am now ashamed it took so long. The fireworks are awesome. Watching them while the beautiful Skyline of Chicago... Read more »

Obama, Romney, Pizza, or Chips? Your vote, you decide!

Did you go out and do your civic duty today? Do you feel you need to be rewarded? Well, you are in luck. Apparently lots of places give out freebies to people with voting stickers. Thanks to the wonderful people over at Hey! It’s Free,  here is a list of  just a few of the places... Read more »

Trolley Tours in Chicago: A Great way to play tourist.

Trolley Tours in Chicago: A Great way to play tourist.
There are a lot of things in Chicago to see and do; however, we all know that it can be expensive as heck driving to and from each location. Though public transportation is available, that too can get expensive. Plus, how much can you see from inside a train or a bus? Now, I offer... Read more »

Living without cable television: Two months later...

It has been a while since Kyle and I said goodbye to Comcast. In a post from May 14, I explained why we were giving up cable for Amazon Prime and Hulu. The basic reasons were just that rates kept going up. Add that to the fact that we watch less and less television, and we could no... Read more »

Living without cable television: Not as hard as I thought!

Living without cable television: Not as hard as I thought!
The hubby and I are trying something out for a while to see if we like it. It all started because we got tired of paying Comcast over $100.00 a month for background noise. Rarely did we use Comcast for anything other than noise, and when we did want to watch television, we normally watched... Read more »

Always find good deals at Habitat for Humanity Restore

I finally found a local Habitat for Humanity Restore. I love these stores. If you have never been to one, there is a great one located at 800 North State Street in Elgin. Each Restore is operated by a local Habitat for Humanity, and the proceeds from the store go to help Habitat build more homes... Read more »

Looking for a good deal? Avoid the Fox Valley Flea Market!

A few weekends back, a couple of friends and I decided to make the trip to Elgin to do some shopping. We had heard about the Habitat for Humanity Store located there, (review coming soon) and we were ready to get our frugal on. Before entering Habitat, we noticed the Fox Valley Flea Market right... Read more »

See Chicago for Free...

One thing that many people may not know about is their ability to see Chicago for free. With today’s economy, sometimes money is hard to come across. So, if you want to see some of Chicago’s best, just sign-up for a free library card. The Chicago Public Library, through a sponsorship by Kraft Foods, provides... Read more »

Review: D'vine Wine in Palatine (Chocolate Wine is my new crack)

Last week, Kyle and I were invited to the Networking @ Nite event hosted by the Palatine Chamber of Commerce. The event was a networking event combined with a wine tasting. Having never been to the host company before, I was unsure what to expect when walking into D’vine Wine. First, let me say the... Read more »

Do distant friendships really work?

Now do not get me wrong, I love all my friends. However, I see the dynamics of the relationships changing. Even though I moved hundreds of miles away, I figured a few people would still be daily chatters as they were when we lived in the same city. However, I am finding that is not... Read more »
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