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Making the decision to skip Christmas for a year...

I cannot believe that today is December 1st. Normally by the time December starts, I already have my Christmas Tree, Village, and lights up. Not this year though. It is not that I am running behind schedule or anything. Matter-of-fact, none of my Christmas stuff is up because I am not putting it up this year.... Read more »

Fun, Family, & Friends: My first Christmas in Illinois!

Fun, Family, & Friends: My first Christmas in Illinois!
I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I had my first Christmas being a Chicagoland resident; however, Kyle and I did not spend our Christmas in Chicagoland, we spent it in Lincoln, Illinois with his family. Regardless though of where it was spent, this was one of my best Christmases ever. I had so... Read more »

Merry Christmas to you all!

Merry Christmas to you all!
Kyle, Nibbler (photographed), Zander, Cleatus, Fred, and I wish everyone a very blessed Christmas season. I will have tons of stuff to post about soon; however, I wanted to say a very special MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all! I hope everyone gets everything they wished for, and I hope you all take great value in the... Read more »

Dear United States Postal Service: You Still Suck; however...

Dear USPS, I still think you suck! I still believe that you guys have caused your own destruction. Some form of mail service will always be needed; however, your lack of foresight, and thinking you could never be replaced, was asinine. When you noticed that more things were going electronic, you should have focused on packages. Instead,... Read more »

A day of Christmas Spirit!

The Rolling Meadow's Boy Scout Troup making cobbler via a Dutch Oven for the residents of Plum Creek Supportive Living.
If I were not already in the mood for Christmas, Sunday sure would have put me in the Christmas Spirit. I got to spend my afternoon with local Boy Scouts making cobbler for the residents of Plum Creek Supportive Living in Rolling Meadows. The Scouts made six varieties of cobbler for the residents. Once the cobblers were cooked, the... Read more »

Beautiful Snowy-Fog this morning!

This morning I awoke to something I had never seen before. It was foggy, but the fog was snow. It was so beautiful. The snowy-fog left a light coating of snow on the trees, cars, and anything else outside. It was so beautiful, that after I read my morning papers, I grabbed the camera and headed out.... Read more »

Welcome to my home for Christmas!

Welcome to my home for Christmas!
As we enter the final weekend before Christmas 2011, I wanted to take a moment and welcome you all into my home. This is mine and Kyle’s first Christmas in Chicagoland, and it is in an apartment much smaller than we are used to. So, we had a lot of fun when it came to decorating the... Read more »

Dear United States Postal Service: You Suck!

Dear USPS, I cannot believe that you lost my Christmas present from my Mother. Your online tracking says it was “delivered”; however, your local postal branch says that it was not. Either way, she mailed me a gift, and you cannot find it. Considering this is my first Christmas away from home, it really sucks... Read more »

Finally found our annual Christmas ornament!

This is our official ornament for 201.
Last year, Kyle and I started a tradition of getting a special ornament every year to commemorate our Christmas’ together. This year, we had the hardest time finding one. So, while we have our offical ornament, we also added a few other extra special ornaments to the mix. Hope you like!

Christmas is what you make of it!

I am so tired of hearing friends and family say that they cannot get into Christmas because it is too commercialized. I call total bullshit on that. If you feel that Christmas is overly commercial, change it. Just because stores are having sales, it does not mean you have to shop there. Just because your... Read more »
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