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Spring Break Chicago

The Lincoln Park Zoo has a fun loving way to spend a Sunday morning. On Sunday, March 23, participates can eat breakfast while learning about Chimpanzees and Gorillas.

The event is from 9:30 am - 11:00 am., and tickets start at $60.00.

For more information, <a title="Why John Travolta owes Idina Menzel an apology" href="" target="_blank">click here</a>.
Winter is finally ending, and that can mean only one thing. SPRING BREAK! Over the next several weeks, people will be seeking out things to do for Spring Break. After such a brutal winter, even those that are not in school are just looking for a reason to get out and about. To help you... Read more »

Paint the town with the Blue Man Group

The dance party finale at the Blue Man Group. Photo courtesy of Blue Man Group.
It seems as if anytime I ask locals for something fun to do in the area, the Blue Man Group is bound to come up. Though people constantly tell me how fabulous the show is, I have always found something else to do. However, that all changed on Friday evening when I finally gave in and saw... Read more »