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Bebe Rexha rocks Chicago in intimate Metro show

Bebe Rexha rocks Chicago in intimate Metro show
While I am sure every artist dreams of selling out stadiums filled with thousands of fans, I think there is magic in smaller shows. Something is just special about actually being able to see the artist from anywhere in the venue, versus paying tons of money to watch the performance on a jumbotron. Judging from the popularity... Read more »

Idina Menzel's Holiday Wishes include you getting her new album

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Though it is not even Halloween yet, the first must-have this Christmas season is already available. Legendary Tony Award winning singer and actress, and one of the stars of Disney’s Frozen, Idina Menzel released her first Christmas album this week. Holiday Wishes, as the album is titled, was immediately added to my playlist, and you should... Read more »

Trisha Yearwood stages comeback with Prizefighter

As a longtime Trisha Yearwood fan, I have to admit that being able to hear her newest single has made me the happiest gay in all the land. Prizefighter, the new song, is the same type of empowering song currently popular among other female artists. I personally think it’s a country version of songs like... Read more »

Belinda Carlisle performed my boyhood concert

Belinda Carlisle performed my boyhood concert
Growing up in a very rural town in Arkansas, there was never that much to do to occupy my time. So, like most teenage gay boys, I got lost in music. Most of that music was introduced to me by my older sisters. The Go-Go’s were always being played by them, and so I became... Read more »

Pharrell Williams' Happy: My secret confession

Did you just watch that video above this? Did you love it? I know you did. Well, last evening, the great folks here at ChicagoNow held a group event where everyone posted about their guilty secret. Though I opted out of participating due to other engagements, I do have a confession to make. Unfortunately, my... Read more »

Why John Travolta owes Idina Menzel an apology

By now, everybody knows that John Travolta introduced legendary Broadway star Idina Menzel by the wrong name at this past Sunday’s Oscar Awards. Instead of referring to the Frozen star by her real name, he opted instead to introduce her as “Adele Dazeem”. While this has sparked humorous posts around the web, including an Adele... Read more »

Country Music lyrics lean gay with new artist

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If you do not know the name Steve Grand yet, maybe you should learn it. Grand may just be the first openly gay male country music singer. In his video released earlier this week, Grand makes a dramatic video of falling in love with an All-American Boy. To find out if the love is mutual,... Read more »

Wrigleyville: SausageFest Arrives

Ever find yourself stuck at a party that you dub a Sausage Fest? Well, why not find yourself at an actual event named SausageFest? That’s right, the 3rd Annual SausageFest Chicago, yes I promise that is the name, is this weekend at Wrigleyville. If you are like me, you are going just so you can check-in... Read more »

Chicago Style (Amtrak Gangnam Style Parody)

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This video of Markus Shields giving students a tour of Chicago is absolutely hilarious. Enjoy!  

Your first sing-a-long of the New Year!

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I know it’s already the 6th day of 2013; however, I could not go without sharing this AVByte video off of YouTube. AVByte is absolutely hilarious, and I am unsure how I failed to see this video until almost a week into the new year. Regardless, I hope you enjoy New Year – The Musical.