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Glamonster takes the stage as a burlesque dancer on the move

Glamonster takes the stage as a burlesque dancer on the move
“If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” Those words were made famous by the ever lovely RuPaul, and ¬†she has a point. How can you be happy and in love if you can’t even be who you really are? It’s why I admire people who live openly and... Read more »

Cockblocked by CVS: Not every neighborhood is Boystown

Cockblocked by CVS: Not every neighborhood is Boystown
I recently moved from Boystown-adjacent to not-so-Boystown-adjacent. The move has been excellent thus far. Since there are no bars around, I’m saving so much money by drinking alone in the basement. Also, not living near of one of the best gayborhood’s in the country has made me a slightly more responsible adult. Of course, with... Read more »

Boy Toys Pocket Cabaret slays first night at Hydrate

Chicago has officially welcomed Boy Toy’s Pocket Cabaret to its’ new Thursday night residence at Hydrate Nightclub. Jimmie Swagger, the Boy Toy himself, is the show’s co-producer and founder. He has worked hard to gather a cast of incredible talent that had packed the Boystown bar on a weeknight. Hosted by P NoNoire, co-producer, this... Read more »

Chi-Town Rising inaugural event a blast for those who attended

The Corona Beach House was the place to be when it came to Chi-Town Rising.
If you scroll through Facebook, Twitter, or the local news, you might think that Chicago’s inaugural Chi-Town Rising was a flop. Whether the criticism is based on the star, the planning, or even the fact that Chi-Town Rising celebrated 2016 around 30 seconds late, the fact is that some Chicagoans have stuck to their tradition... Read more »

Boylesque with Ben D. Mann brings superhero show to a lap near you

Though the cast is all male, the host is the fantastic local celebrity Melissa Young.
Note: In the interest of being fair, I feel I should say up front that the producers and a few of the performers of the below show are friends of mine. Therefore, this is more of an informative post rather than a review. When you think of burlesque shows, you probably think of girls dancing... Read more »

Gallery: Brookfield Zoo always a fun place to photograph

I can never pass a great shot of flowers.
Some friends decided it was time for us to visit Brookfield Zoo this year. So, last Saturday morning, they picked us up and we headed to the suburbs to experience one of the best zoos around. My partner and I love the Zoo, and we visit Lincoln Park Zoo several times a year. Of course,... Read more »

Winter in Chicago: Find the beautiful

It is Winter in Chicago. For a lot of people, that means staying indoors and hibernating while waiting for Spring to arrive. While that works for some, it drives people like me insane. I enjoy being outside and seeing what the City has to offer. Fortunately/Unfortunately, this Winter has not been kind to me. Even... Read more »

Holiday Lights Tour: A great way to experience Christmas in Chicago

The tree at the John Hancock Center is your starting desination for the Holiday Lights Tour.
If you have ever spent time around me, you know that one of my favorite pasttimes is playing tourist. Living in a city the size of Chicago, I get that opporunity quiet often. One way I take advantage of it is by utilizing the Chicago Trolley tours. No matter which tour you take, you get... Read more »

CTA Holiday Train: As festive as you can get on public transit

This was our conductor for the ride.
Anyone that knows me knows that Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love it so much, that during the Holiday Season I shed any signs of being an actual adult. I become completely focused on Santa, reindeer, lights, candy, decorations, and anything that sparkles. Being a Chicagoan that takes the CTA, I can... Read more »

Things to do in Chicago this Thanksgiving Weekend

First and foremost is the <a href="" target="_blank">Christkindlemarket Chicago</a> at Daley Plaza. This German market started in 1995, and continues to be a Chicago tradition during the holidays. Load up on ornaments and food while soaking up the amazingly authentic German feel.
Finally, it is that time of the year where everyone loads up on turkey and pie. Of course, there is only so much turkey you can eat and thanks you can give before you’ll want to get out of the house this upcoming long weekend. If you are in Chicago, and wanting to find an... Read more »
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