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Amazon: Why I hate the Wal-Mart of the online world

Amazon: Why I hate the Wal-Mart of the online world
I feel like the lone wolf here, but I have to just say that I think Amazon sucks. First and foremost, their prices are no longer the cheapest. I use the Google Chrome extension WikiBuy, which compares online prices for any product, and I am noticing more and more that Amazon is no longer the... Read more »

It's more than 'just change' to food service workers

It's more than 'just change' to food service workers
I was standing in line yesterday buying a drink, when the person in front of me was eight cents short of being able to pay for their purchase. The clerk was about to cancel the purchase when somebody stepped forward with a dime. The customer who didn’t have the change was ever grateful, but then the... Read more »

Will Freshii fill the Chipotle void?

With all the news reports going around, it’s clear that stock market analysts and bankers are worried about whether Chipotle will ever be able regain the stronghold it once held. Since news broke in late November about food-borne illnesses being linked to Chipotle chains, many people have given up eating there. The lines that once stretched... Read more »

Scratch Goods: Providing natural ingredients for a natural high

Scratch Goods: Providing natural ingredients for a natural high
Now that Summer is unofficially over, it’s time to start thinking about how to stay relaxed and rejuvenated without the help of the beach or rooftop party. That’s where Scratch Good’s comes in. Scratch Goods, located in the Roscoe Village neighborhood, is a “Chicago skincare salon and goods maker using consciously-sourced food-grade ingredients to provide... Read more »

Si Fu Chino Latino combines two worlds in Roscoe Village

An inside look at Si Fu.
UPDATE: A second sneak peak buffet is now being offered to sample Si Fu Chino Latino’s menu. Next Friday (06.13.2014), a lunch buffet will be available from 11 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Tickets can be purchased here. Later that same evening, Si Fu will officially open to the public.  Anyone that knows what I like... Read more »

Turn your passion into your profit!

Here it is the first Monday of 2013. I bet most people out there are dreading this first full week of work in the new year. Unfortunately, we must work because otherwise we would run out of money. With money being gone, we would become homeless, hungry, and depressed. So, as much as we would... Read more »

Job Report doesn't help those unemployed!

If you have seen any media reports today, you are well aware that the unemployment rate rose very slightly to 7.9% last month. That is up just .1% from the September rate. I think we can all agree that we are just happy the rate is still below 8%. In addition, though the rate went... Read more »

Looking for something to do? Look elsewhere!

Just on the heals of finding out that the Arlington Theater in Arlington Heights shut their doors, I find out that the AMF Bowling Alley in Rolling Meadows has shut down as well. The Arlington Theater, which closed due to a failure to reach a new lease deal, was one of my favorite hangout spots... Read more »

Dear United States Postal Service: You Still Suck; however...

Dear USPS, I still think you suck! I still believe that you guys have caused your own destruction. Some form of mail service will always be needed; however, your lack of foresight, and thinking you could never be replaced, was asinine. When you noticed that more things were going electronic, you should have focused on packages. Instead,... Read more »

Dear United States Postal Service: You Suck!

Dear USPS, I cannot believe that you lost my Christmas present from my Mother. Your online tracking says it was “delivered”; however, your local postal branch says that it was not. Either way, she mailed me a gift, and you cannot find it. Considering this is my first Christmas away from home, it really sucks... Read more »
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