ArkieLad is the online pseudonym of David W. Quinn. David chose ArkieLad as his public name to pay homage to his upbringing in Arkansas (Arkie) and the fact he has a penis (Lad).Photos by Ven Sherrod 2014.08.16 (2)

David uses his ArkieLad identity more than his name because when he tells people his name is David, they immediately call him Dave - which he hates. He uses ArkieLad across various platforms of media, including on this blog, The Quinntessential, hosted by Chicago Now.

The Quinntessential is a go to source for health tips, health news, Chicago reviews, and various other rants and ramblings. Though the blog is best known for the reviews and health tips, The Quinntessential also serves as the personal blog of David.

Learn more about David, by visiting his website here.