Amazon: Why I hate the Wal-Mart of the online world

Amazon: Why I hate the Wal-Mart of the online world

I feel like the lone wolf here, but I have to just say that I think Amazon sucks.

First and foremost, their prices are no longer the cheapest. I use the Google Chrome extension WikiBuy, which compares online prices for any product, and I am noticing more and more that Amazon is no longer the best price.

Second, why do people use their video and music service? They are the Dollar Tree version of Netflix and Spotify.

Third, they are literally the online version of Wal-Mart, which everybody hates. They drive prices down at the expense of other stores, and then raise them when they have no competition left.

Finally, I understand that I am like the only person in the world that always has delivery issues with them, but I do. Seriously, nothing is ever flawless when I order from Amazon.

Two examples:

  • A few weeks ago, I ordered a cat tower. It was to be delivered on a specific day by the Amazon carrier people. I stayed home to wait for it. It never came. So, I contacted Amazon, and they assured me "it will be there soon". I waited some more, but it didn't come until a few days later. If it was UPS or FedEx, I'd forgive them since they are their own company. However, it was their own carrier. They should have better access to their trucks and branded delivery service, even if they are leased out to other companies.
  • This example really ticks me off because I chose the destination to be an Amazon locker to avoid delivery issues. With that said, I ordered Tim Horton's coffee last week. It has been preparing for shipment for FIVE days. FIVE!!!!! Why does it take five days to ship coffee? So, I contacted them this morning, and they were like "it will ship as soon as possible". Excuse me, you know I can just walk to Target and buy coffee without having to wait FIVE freaking days for you to ship it.

So, there is my deep secret. I hate Amazon.

Before you attack me because they are your everything, just know that they are probably just as happy to lose me as a customer as I am to drop them as a retailer. They are the only company I seem to regularly contact to complain when they screw up - which is anytime I use them.

I have not had (knock on wood) any delivery issues with any other online retailer.

Anyway, I'll stop bitching now because I have to go to work and get some coffee. I'll walk to Target on the way home and buy some so I don't have to be coffee-less tomorrow morning.

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