Spring into a healthier you!

Spring into a healthier you!

It's the first official day of Spring.

This means it is time for so many of us to realize we did not quite meet our body goals in time for beach season. However, we have 92 days until Summer, which means there is still hope.

I am personally following the plan laid out by The Exercise Coach. I like that the plan focuses on high intensity workouts for short periods rather than my traditional avenue of spending hours at the gym. I'll have more on this plan as I discover more about it.

I am also renewing my focus on consuming less carbonated beverages and processed foods. Also, I have admitted several times in this blog that I am an avid food tracker, so I will definitely pick that back up again. On days I don't track, I find that I can justify eating anything and everything I want.

So, if you are like me and planning on working hard as we spring towards the Summer, I have compiled a list of some of my previous posts to help you (and honestly me again):

What else are you doing to get your body ready for Summer? Let me know!

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