Why I love softball - even though it sucks

Earlier in the year, I blogged about joining a gay softball team. I did it mostly because a friend had posted that he really needed players for his team, and I was at the start of my weightloss journey and looking for new ways to exercise. Though I had avoided sports my entire life, I decided it was time to get over my fear of being hit in the face with a ball.

The very first game I played, I hit the ball not once, but three times. I was so impressed, I think I told everyone I met. Over the course of the entire season, I managed to hit the ball and get several runs in - much to my surprise. Each week, my team made it a mission to teach me more and more, and I tried to put their teachings into practice each time I took the field.

I eventually got okay enough that I was enjoying myself. Though I would still get upset if I missed the ball or struck out, I was having fun when on the field. For two hours a week, I felt like a real, live athlete.

Unfortunately, when I was not on the field, I kept wondering why I had ever joined a damn softball team. What was the point? What was I trying to prove?

My Sunday's became pretty routine with my love/hate softball relationship. A typical Sunday when I had softball went something like this:

  • Wake Up
  • Bitch about why I ever joined a damn softball league
  • Bitch about why the games had to be on Sunday
  • Bitch about having to get dressed for softball
  • Go to softball
  • Have a blast
  • Brag about the fact that I joined a softball league
  • Brag about how awesome it was to play every Sunday
  • Brag about the fact I had a softball uniform.

As you can see, softball made me a tad bi-polar.

So, when this past Sunday rolled around and my team and I gathered to play our final game of season, I was having mixed emotions. First, it meant that next Sunday I get to sleep in, but, at the same time, I would not be gathering on a field with my teammates.

Before the game, one of them asked if I was playing next year. I replied, "Oh God no. Why would I? I like my Sunday's free."

After the game, I was all "sign me up for next year because softball is awesome."

I will admit that even though the sport became fun-ish, the best part of softball is the wonderful people that it brings you into contact with. Was it not for softball, I would have +/- 12 fewer people in my life that I would call friends.

So, with that in mind, I look forward to being back on the field next year, but equally important, I look forward to sleeping in on Sundays until then.

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