Yeah, I'm skinny. Hate on, haterz

Yeah, I'm skinny. Hate on, haterz

"Notice the people who are happy for your happiness, and sad for your sadness. They're the ones who deserve special places in your heart." - Unknown

I have always lived by the above quote. I have never understood people that live in a constant state of negativity whether that negativity is directed at themselves or others. It does not benefit them nor anyone around them.

Regardless though of people's negativity, I live my life how I want and by my own standards. Regardless though, I feel the need to write an open letter. If you feel this letter applies to you, that is a reflection on you, and not me.


Dear Acquaintance, 

You have noticed that I live a happy life. Though bad things happen, I always try to make the best of everything. When good things happen, I live it up and talk about it. I know you have noticed this because I have heard from several people that it bothers you.

You wonder why I post such happy things? Is it to rub it in your face? Is it to hide internal sadness?

You wish!

The answer is simply that I like to promote goodness. I like to be happy, and I like for other people to be happy.

Now, you may be asking yourself if I am so happy, why do I keep writing about my weight loss because it's annoying to you. You do not understand why I do not just keep my success to myself. It "pisses you off" that I am filling up your social media accounts with my "shit".

The reason is simple.

I worked my fucking ass off to drop my weight. It was not easy. Do not think for a second it was easy. If you are unable to drop the weight, that is on you, not me. Dedication is not easy, but it is worth it if you ever want to give it a try.

Also, after dropping the weight, I have determined that I find even greater happiness in helping other people achieve their weight loss goals. It makes me so freaking excited to see other people succeed that I even do a Facebook group dedicated to losing weight.

You see, I am selfish. I am all about making myself happy. I get happy by talking about what makes me happy and by watching other people get happy.

It's really that simple. I know, I am an asshole.

I do not apologize that my happiness makes you dread your life more. That is not my concern. If you were to focus on more positive things, your life would probably turn around also.

As for me getting on your nerves, just quit talking to me.

I am a big boy!

When I go to speak to you, tell me you would prefer not to talk to me.  Delete me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any place else where you have to see my annoying fucking face.

Once you block me from your life, maybe you can find happiness.

As for me, I will continue to be fabulous for as long as possible. Make no mistake, bad things will and can happen, but I just hope that when those bad things happen, that I can find some goodness in them. I can then use that little bit of goodness to expand my happiness on.

Of course, what else would you expect from an annoying fucker.

That is all.

I really do wish you all the best, and I hope you find happiness.


The bane of your existence

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