The secret to weight loss!

"No seriously, how did you really lose weight?"

Believe it or not, I get asked that question a lot! So often is that question asked, even other people have started to take notice. My partner, friends, and even my boss have asked me why do people keep asking me that question.

The answer to why they ask is easy though. People want to think their ideal weight is unattainable. This makes them feel less guilty about remaining overweight.

I know this because I have been that person. I was that person for more years than I care to admit.

In my head, anybody that lost weight must have been on something, had something done, or have something. Surely, nobody could lose weight just by watching what they ate and exercising. Nobody! It doesn't even make sense that it could be that easy.


Wait, losing weight is not easy. It takes commitment, self-control, and an entire change in the way we view food.

Fortunately, you have total control over what you put in your mouth!

So, while losing weight may be hard as hell - and it is, losing weight is also as easy as understanding the need to burn more calories than you take in.


With that said, just know that if you ask me how I lost weight and I tell you that I tracked calories and exercised, and then you imply that there must be another way, I will want to punch you in the face.

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