The kid in me found out there is a Hershey's Chocolate World in Chicago

A lot of times being a writer gets you invited to some awesome stuff. More often than not, you get invited to not-so-awesome stuff. However, when I was invited a few weeks ago to attend a media tour of the Hershey's Chocolate World Store in River North, I could not pass it up.

I will admit that I did not even know such a store existed, and had I known it existed, I probably would not be doing so well working on my new healthy lifestyle. Fortunately, I am way too far into my fitness goals to cave in to chocolate now.

However, I still did the tour because I like to act like a kid. It was a blast, and something I would totally take people to do. Fortunately, since my birthday is this week, I treated the cupcake as a pre-birthday celebration.

I hope you enjoy the gallery of my time at Hershey! I had so much fun.

Just so you know, the store is located at 822 North Michigan Avenue & Pearson Street.

In the interest of being fair, I was not paid for this post. I just like to share fun and exciting things I find to do in Chicago.

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