Brookfield Zoo: A Photo Gallery

Having lived in Chicago for over a year, and the area for over 3 years, I finally decided it was time to make my way to Brookfield Zoo. Living on the north side of Chicago, I have visited the local and free Lincoln Park Zoo many times, and I have always really enjoyed it. Of course, I have always been told if I wanted a "real Zoo" to go to Brookfield.

While I take offense with people badmouthing Lincoln Park Zoo, I do admit that Brookfield is one amazingly large zoo. From the Seven Seas Dolphin Area to The Living Coast exhibit, Brookfield is adventure after adventure. Chicago is very lucky to have such a wonderful Zoo in our own backyard.

My partner and I expected to spend a few hours there on Friday, July 4th - we figured why not go on a Holiday, but we ended up staying almost 6 hours. It was so much fun, and something we will definitely do again.

While at the Zoo, I took over 200 photos, and I have selected a few to share with you here. Enjoy!

For those that follow my new healthy lifestyle, I want to point out that visiting a local Zoo is also a great way to get in some steps. It's lots of walking, and, if you decide to, you can make healthy eating and drinking options. All-in-all, you can have a very active, healthy day while enjoying all that a Zoo has to offer.

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