Are fat people funnier?

Are fat people funnier?
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My entire adult life I have always been the comedian. No matter what I said, people laughed.

Let me tell you, I was fucking hysterical.

Being the fat comedian in any group allowed me to get away with things other people could not. I could call other people fat, make fun of people, etc, and everybody would laugh. It was a gift that I did not treasure as much as I should have.

It was such a gift, that it actually used to irritate me because I could be super mean to someone on purpose, and they would reply with a "you are so funny".

Now, I no longer have that problem, and I realize I actually sort of miss it.

Though I tell the same jokes as always, now people reply with a "that's so mean", "how cruel", and "dude, you can't say that".

When I pointed out to one of my friends last week that something I had offended her with was the exact same thing I had said before, she replied, "It's not funny now when you say it."

I asked her to elaborate, and I was told I wouldn't understand because of who I am now.

What the hell?

I have gone from the funny guy in my social circles to the guy that says inappropriate, offensive things.

My options now are to either gain my weight back or quit talking.

Decisions, decisions!

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