The key to weight loss: Mental Health

While on my Fat to Fit journey, I have learned so much about nutrition, exercise, and just basic life in general. However, the thing I did not realize I would learn so much about is mental health.

As the weight starts coming off, one's entire way of thinking changes. imagesNo longer do Oreos actually look good because I know they are going to give me a bloated feeling. Also, I now look at some exercises as fun rather than a chore. (Do not misread that, I said some exercises. I still think situps are the work of the Devil.)

Heck, the most surprising thing for me is that if I have to go some place that is within two miles of me, I just walk there now. It is so much more efficient than worrying about parking, traffic, transit, etc.

My point is that as my health has improved, so as my mental health.

Of course, to stay healthy and get the mental health benefit, one has to make sure they take care of their mental health in the first place. This is why I strongly recommend Mental Health Days where you can just relax and unwind.

To be honest, I am on one today.

As of the time of this writing, I am at Caribou Coffee in BoysTown relaxing. I will not spend today thinking about work, laundry, dishes, or even blogging. Allof which need attention, but unfortunately for them, today is not their day. Today is my day to unwind and let my brain relax.

I truly believes this helps on the way to weight loss because if you go around stressed and frazzeled, eating healthy is not going to take a priority in your life.

So, next time you feel overwhelmed or like your weight loss journey isn't going as planned, step back and take a Mental Health Day.

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