Should festivals quit handing out admission stickers?

Should festivals quit handing out admission stickers?

Festival season is in full swing, and I could not be happier. From the festivals that have already happened, to all the ones yet to come, I will admit that I am becoming a Chicago festival junkie.

As anybody that has been to one of the many festivals in our City, you know that they almost all have a suggestion donation fee. I am not complaining about this fee. They should have this fee because it helps pay for the festival while also giving extra money to the community to clean itself up.

My issue is that in exchange for this fee, you get a sticker that shows you paid your fee. What a good citizen you are!

However, if you are like me, you opt not to wear your sticker because they are usually ugly and serve no purpose. I always try to find a trash can to throw mine into, but not everybody does that. (Note: I have tried to refuse the sticker, and it just completely confuses the volunteer at the entrance gate.)

The result is that after a big festival, you end up with festival stickers on everything. Unlike the trash and litter on the ground, the stickers cannot be removed easily, which leads to used, gross stickers being splattered all over the neighborhood.

My question is, why can we not retire this sticker? Save the money you spend on the stickers and put it to something else. If the stickers are donated, the company that donates them can print something more usable, like an envelope to mail in a larger donation.

The point is that the stickers serve no purpose at all, and they end up littering the neighborhoods with their ugliness. I think it's time we retire the festival sticker.

What do you think?

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