July Fitness Challenge

July Fitness Challenge

Today is the last day of June, and people around the world are finishing up their 30 Day Ab Challange. I know that I am in shock that I managed to complete it, especially considering that today was 125 Situps, 200 Crunches, 65 Leg Raises, and a 120 second Plank.

Fortunately, finish it I did. I never skipped a day, and I could not feel happier with myself. Additionally, the month of June saw me drop another 5 lbs of weight. I think I am now the lightest I have been since right after high school in 1997.

So, to keep up the momentum, the Quinntessential Health Facebook Fitness Group is going to be opened to the public. Feel free to join us and chime in with your weight loss goals and motivation. We are there to support each other, and we have a good time while doing it.

Everyday, I post a fitness goal for you to complete the next day. I will post the goal to the Group and to my Facebook page. I will let you know that in July, we will be focused on several areas, instead of just one like in June.

Additionally, if you need help or advice, just post a question in the group, and somebody is bound to have an answer for you. The group is designed to get us all over that hump we all fall into when trying to live a healthy life.

Hope to see you in the group, and here's to a Healthy July!

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