GetSet: Helping City College Students connect

Many of you may remember that I recently posted about my excellent experience at City Colleges of Chicago. Soon after posting that I had finished with my education there, I was informed of a wonderful new app coming to help students who are going, or plan to go, to City Colleges.

The app is called GetSet, and, though it is not an official City Colleges app, it is currently in a private beta test for City Colleges. The main goal of the app is to connect students with others who share the same goals and challenges.

getsetFor many who chose to go back to school, one of the hardest parts is staying motivated. Sometimes the best motivation is finding others who are on the same track as you.

I got lucky in that I had several friends who had gone back to college at the same time I did, so we all understood each other. This made my school time so much easier, as I knew all my friends were up late studying as well.

For those without this support system, or even for those who need to extend this support system, GetSet is your answer.

With the app, students of City Colleges can set goals and deadlines, find like-minded classmates, seek help for questions, and even get text alert reminders for dates that are coming up.

The beta test of the app is now open, and I have enjoyed playing around on it. I actually wish it had been around when I had first started, but I look forward to it expanding to other schools.

If you are a City Colleges of Chicago student (sorry, it is exclusive for now), and are interested in checking it out, click here.

Lastly, if testing a new app that is being developed right here in Chicago isn't enough to get you to sign up, know that if you sign-up now, you could win one of the Amazon gift cards the company is giving away to beta testers.

Note: There is an ambassador program where students can make money by getting other students to sign-up. If you are interested in this program, you can sign-up and then apply. I am not part of that program, and this is not a paid post. I just really like the potential of this app. 

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