Gay Pride Month: Why is there no straight pride month?

Gay Pride Month: Why is there no straight pride month?
Cook County Clerk David Orr was well represented and received at the Pride Parade in 2012.

Today is June 1st. Not only is it the day that Gay Marriage becomes legal in every county in Illinois, but it is also the annual start to Gay Pride Month.

What this means to gay people and their supporters is a month of celebrating diversity and being proud of who we are. It is a month to mingle with friends during lavish parties and festivals without fear of being attacked or turned away because of our sexuality. It is a month of happiness and joy for our communities.

What this means for some though is a month of asking, "Why don't we have a straight pride?"

The answer I have for you is a very simple one:

You do not need one. 

Straight people have never been attacked or fired for merely being straight. You do not have to worry about holding your partner's hand in public. Vacation plans do have to be made by taking into account which country not to travel to for fear of being imprisoned because of your sexuality. Additionally, straight people have never had the uncomfortable experience of having to come out to their family and friends.

So, without you having all of those experiences, I have no sympathy for you. I am proud of you for being straight, but you do not get a parade.

You see, Gay Pride is not about sex, as so many people assume. It is about celebrating who we are.

Just as there are parades and events for Hispanic Heritage Month, Asian Heritage Month, Black History Month, etc., we have a parade for celebrating the fact that we are gay. It is a celebration of the fact that we are making it okay to be gay. It is finally becoming something one does not have to be ashamed of, and this is largely do to the gay rights movement, including Pride celebrations.

Now, do not get me wrong, do not be ashamed you are straight. You should be happy with your sexuality; however, just as white people will never truly understand white-privilege, straight people will never truly understand heterosexual-privilege.

So with all due respect, when you ask "Why don't we have a straight pride month", you sound as ignorant as the people that wonder why there is a Black History Month. Every other month of the year is straight pride month.

Lastly, if gay pride month really truly bothers you (and I know it does some of you),  just don't participate in it. Avoid Boystown, or whatever gayborhood is in your area, and do your own thing. Hell, invite all your other straight people over to your house for a random game of Yahtzee, or whatever game you straight people are playing these days.

Regardless though, Happy Pride Month!

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