Fat to Fit: The Before and After Pictures

The best part about dropping a large amount of weight is the fact that you feel so much better in your everyday life. To be honest though, I think that another great perk about dropping the weight is the amount of attention one gets after dropping the pounds. Just having people compliment you on something you have worked so hard at is a wonderful feeling.

Of course, for me at least, one of the worst parts about dropping the weight is people wanting to see before and after pictures. I did not take an official before picture because I was unhappy with my weight. As you may recall, it was a picture that motivated me to start the process, and that picture is the only one I truly use to measure myself against.

Fortunately, I am not shy in front of the camera, so I was able to grab some before pictures from my Facebook page. Then, last night I had my partner take some shots of me. This leads to me to  my first ever post featuring before and after shots.

Keep in mind, that my journey is not done. I am working now on toning up and keeping the weight off. Also, I could have fixed my hair before I took the pictures last night.

Regardless, no more delay. Here they are:

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