Donald Trump's sign is not top news!

Donald Trump's sign is not top news!
NBC Chicago leads their news with Trump Tower sign coverage, basically ignoring the actual news of the day.

I want to go on the record as saying that I do not believe that news outlets should avoid soft news. I love it when ABC 7 Chicago goes out and covers heartwarming stories. I even love it when the Chicago Tribune talks about a local kid that makes it in the great big scary world out there.

My point is that news does not always have to be bad news.

However, do you know what kind of news I have a problem with?

The news about Donald Trump putting a sign on Trump Tower.

Not for the reason you are probably thinking though.

Yesterday alone, 8 Chicagoans were shot and over 20 gang members were arrested in a drug investigation. Both of which are really important news stories; however, do you know what the big news story was for the day?

That's right, Donald Trump put his name on the building he owns in Chicago.

Oh my gosh! The horror!

Are you freaking kidding me news organizations?

Nobody cares.

While this may be news, it is in no way front page news. It should not lead your newscast. It should not take over your social media accounts.

It's his building, his sign.

Give me a break!

Check out some Twitter responses to the sign:

My own response on Twitter:

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