Cheat Days: Why I hate them, and you should too

Cheat Days: Why I hate them, and you should too

So many times when people try to live a healthier lifestyle, they implement days they call "Cheat Day".

I am sure everybody has heard of them, but, to be honest, they drive me insane.

Basically, a Cheat Day is for people that are trying to live a healthy life, yet they tell themselves that one day, or meal for some people, a week they can eat anything they want without regret.

No! Absolutely not! It's a bad idea!

I wish people would give up this Cheat Day!

While you should make attempts to always eat healthy, nutritious food, that doesn't mean that you should avoid bad food all the time.

Instead of giving up your bad food, except for on your cheat day, give yourself a little bit of it when you need it - which should NOT be everyday. If you are absolutely craving pizza, eat it. Just order one that allows you to stay within your calorie range - or allows you to go over  just slightly.

If you do not deprive yourself of the things you want, then you will stop wanting them as much. Knowing you can't have them, will make you crave them more. (Source Credit: My brain)

Giving yourself a day a week where you can eat anything you want is just making you crave that food so much more, therefore causing you to eat more of it when you do finally give in to the temptation. This is why you should allow yourself small dozes of it whenever you are craving it.

Just remember to eat smart and eat right, and you will find out that you will no longer find a need for cheat days.

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