8 More Gross Things You Are Probably Eating

Earlier this week I posted a gallery of the 8 Gross Things You Are Probably Eating. I like to think that the post opened up a few eyes as to what is really contained in the food that we eat.  As someone on a mission to live healthier, I know that I have been surprised as to what I have really been putting in my body.

My original list contained food products that use ingredients like sand, human hair, ammonia, and more; however, a comment left by a reader piqued my interest.

"Look at all the insect parts in chocolate, and no one seems to care."  - Pieter from Wisconsin

This made me think about more gross stuff that we know is in our food, but that we pretend is not there because it tastes too good to give up.

So, here's an additional eight things you are probably eating.

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