Softball: My first turn at-bat...ever

Softball: My first turn at-bat...ever

After 34 years of successfully avoiding any type of particpation in sports, I have joined a softball team. For some reason, when a friend posted that his Chicago Metropolitan Sports Association team needed more players, I volunteered to join the team. In the interest of being fair, before I volunteered, I YouTubed "softball" so I would know what I was signing up for.

After the initial excitement of joining a team wore off, I was left wondering what I had done. I started regretting my decision quickly.I thought about dropping out, praying for rain, and even once contemplated whether or not I could just "forget" to pay my registration fees. Unfortunately, I paid way too early, and I am way too cheap to forfeight my money.

Regardless though of my prayers and thoughts, I gathered at the softball field at 8:00 am this morning for my first softball game ever. (I never made it to an actual practice, so I was literally winging it.) To make it even more interesting, my second softball game ever started at 9:00 am, immediately following the first one.

To my surprise, I had a blast. I literally absolutely loved it. This is more suprising considering that for part of game, it was sprinkling. That on top of the very cold, very early Sunday game, made it even a bigger miracle that I was not absolutely horrible.

My teammates, whom I met for the first time today, were all awesome. They showed me how to bat, catch, and everything else about the game they could squeeze in between our innings.

As an even bigger surprise, my first time up to bat resulted in me actually hitting the ball. After that, I advanced until I finally had a chance to run home and score a point. I followed that awesomeness up with my second chance at bat, where I struck out. I immediately feared that I had peaked too soon. Fortunately, thanks to some quick coaching, I hit the ball the next two times at bat.

Because of my newness to the game, I was assigned to right field when we were not up to bat. This is the place they apparently place people who have no hope. I enjoyed right field though. It allowed me the chance to watch and learn. I think, and hope, I'm right field next week as well.

After the game, my teammates and I gathered at Tweet Let's Eat for a delicious brunch, followed by drinks at NorthEnd. It was a truly awesome day!

Now, after dreading opening day, I am looking forward to next Sunday when we play again. Let us hope that my excitement that does not deminish.

I'll keep you posted.

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