Stupid: Stop saying this word!

Merriam-Webster defines Stupid as "not intelligent: having or showing a lack of ability to learn and understand things."

However, people have started using the word to define everything. Whether it is something they do not like, somebody they do not like, or just something they have no knowledge of, it immediately becomes "stupid".

I am starting to hear it said multiple times a day about an assortment of things and people. Personally, I have never favored this word because I find it completely condescending.

It seems to me that for the most part, people use "stupid" to hide their own insecurities.

Once I hear somebody use the word, outside of humor of course, I immediately begin to wonder what they are hiding. What has brought them to this point in there life that they cannot articulate what they are trying to say?

Is what they just called stupid really stupid? Are they sure it isn't silly, ridiculous, or hysterical?

Is who they just called stupid really stupid? Are they sure the person just hasn't been taught something yet?

When they use the word stupid, do they take into account how that is going to make the other person feel if they hear them say that?

Regardless, in an age where we constantly lecture people about being nice and not bullying, I cannot understand how we continue to embrace the word stupid.

Just go out and find another more accurate word. There is never any reason to refer to another human being as stupid, and rarely is an object or an action really stupid.

So, stop saying Stupid.

What word do you absolutely hate to hear? Let me know in the comments below.

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