Pharrell Williams' Happy: My secret confession

Did you just watch that video above this? Did you love it? I know you did.

Well, last evening, the great folks here at ChicagoNow held a group event where everyone posted about their guilty secret. Though I opted out of participating due to other engagements, I do have a confession to make. Unfortunately, my confession is not one of guilty pleasure, but one of secret annoyance.

Please bare with me while I compose myself for my big reveal.

Okay, here goes nothing:

I do NOT like Pharrell Williams' song Happy

I know everybody else in the known universe does. I even know that the song has been a Billboard hit. Hell, the song has made Pharrell Williams, and his hat, a national treasure.

For me though, the song Happy just makes me staby.

It's repetitive and annoying. About 30 seconds into the song, I picture myself snapping and going on a rampage.

Since I know everybody else enjoys the song, I have kept this secret for far too long. However, I can longer hold it in.

For me, Happy just grates on my nerves.

There, I said.

Judge away.

What is the popular thing that you secretly can't stand? Comment below and let me know.

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