Joe Walsh goes after LGBTs, Al Sharpton, and Trevon Martin

Former Congressman Joe Walsh has apparently finally gone off the deep end, not that he had far to go. He went on Twitter last night to claim that gay people have become "constitutional terrorists".

Of course, why would he stop at the LGBT community? He had first gone after Al Sharpton and Trevon Martin.

He had other handy gems last night as well. Here's just a sampling:

Oh, and in a huge plot twist, somebody out there is infringing on Joe's religion. I have no clue who it is, but stop it. He is feeling discriminated against.

Of course, Joe has to do anything he can to get the spotlight on anything other than his "religious values" of avoiding paying child support to his ex-wife and kids. He better just be glad that the Bible doesn't mention anything about divorce. Does it?

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