Chicago: Move out, or don't

Chicago: Move out, or don't

While most people that live in Chicago love to bitch about it, we all have one thing in common, we all love our City.

Though we bitch about the cold, traffic, crime, and even how dirty Lake Michigan is, most of us would not trade it for the world; however, Cities Journal thinks we should pack our bags and get the hell out.

In their list of The Top 15 Cities You Should Move Away From, foreclosures, gun violence, gas prices, the housing market, and other factors are said to make Chicago a great place to just "drop by for a visit".

What does that mean for us living here, not a damn thing. Even though the article states that people should not "plan on sticking around" Chicago, the fact remains that lists like this are just one persons opinion.

That one person, or even group of people, that came up with this list at Cities Journal may want to speak to their fellow co-workers though. Cities Journal has also listed Chicago in a lot of other nicer lists, including:

  • #12 in the Top 15 Cities with the Craziest Night Life in the World
  • #5 in the Top 12 Imitations of Famous City Landmarks (this one actually goes to Niles for the Leaning Tower of Pisa);
  • #8 in the Top 12 Greenest Cities in the World;
  • #6 in the Top 11 Cities that Should Get to Host the Next Super Bowl;
  • #5 in Top 15 Music Festival Cities;
  • #3 in Top 12 Cities You Didn't Know that are Leading the Entertainment Industry; and
  • #4 in the Top 13 Best Sports Cities in the United States.

As if that was not enough, they even ranked Chicago as the #9 city that "aliens should colonize".

"Chicago is just plain fun. It offers great food, great nightlife, a vibrant downtown and more professional sports teams than you can even keep straight. So why would an alien race want to settle in Chicago? Because we don’t know of anyone who doesn’t like Chicago." - Cities Journal

So, obviously they love Chicago. Maybe they just want everybody to move out so they can have it to their own.

Of course, they may not know a lot about Chicago as they ranked it #9 in a list of places you didn't know had high apartment rent. Who in the world does not know that rent in Chicago is high?

No one in the know, that's who.

Now, before you go back to loving your wonderful City of Chicago, just in case you were wondering, the #1 City to move out of is Detroit, Michigan. I think we can agree on that.

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