Cats vs Dogs: Are cats better in the winter?

Winter is almost here, and judging from the weather we have had in recent weeks, this Winter is going to be a cold, wet one. With that said, it made me ponder why cats may be better winter animals than dogs. Since I have both cats and dogs, I asked my friends to chime in on this topic, and, based on their answers, I now have the Top 9 reasons cats are better than dogs in the Winter.

Please note that this list is all in fun, and several of my friends disagreed on the topic. Their reactions are listed below the gallery.

Now, for dog lovers who are crying foul, know that my buddy Suzanne said that "cats make great chew toys for dogs".

David, of Dad All Day, said "It's not a pet if it can't catch a Frisbee".  My friends John and Zeferino agreed with him by stating that the poll was bias.

Being Catholic Really's Pam thought cats could be better than dogs if we could teach them all to act like the cat in this video:

So, there you have it. Cats may or may not be better than dogs during the Winter. Regardless of which animal you pick, just be sure to give them all the love you can. Also, make sure you visit your local vet to get your animal fixed to help control the homeless pet population.

Huge thanks to my friends Brandi over at Recipes for the Home Cook, Krzysztof of Hanusiak Photography, Debbie at His Banquet Table, Holly of Running with a Book Cart, Kathy at Raining Cats and Dogs, and my non-blogging friends Jim, Sharon, Katherine, Dave, and Ben. I appreciate your great ideas for this post.

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