Be a Victim: It's the American Way

Be a Victim: It's the American Way
The graphic that made me an heartless lunatic.

Though I completely disagree with news organizations like Fox News saying that we are experiencing the "Wussification of America", I do believe that something sinister is going on.

We have trained Americans to play the victim in this Country. Nobody is responsible for their own actions anymore. Instead of taking responsibility, one merely just becomes the victim of something.

Whether it is dealing with Chicago's crime problem - the suspects are merely victims of a bad society, or something as simple as posting something silly on Facebook - your friends are victims to your rants if they do not agree with you, we have become a society where we are always looking for that next great bandwagon to jump on.

We tell everyone that America is all about freedom; however, let us all admit right now that that is a bunch of bullshit. (Editor's note: Sorry if you are a victim of my cursing. Get over it.)

Want to open your store on a holiday? You just made people a victim of your greed.

Want to close your store on a holiday? Screw you buddy. You just made non-celebrators a victim of your beliefs.

Want to wish somebody a "Happy Holiday"? Well, you just made people a victim of your "War on Christmas".

Want to wish people a "Merry Christmas"? How dare you asshole. Enforcing your religious beliefs on me.

Want to eat Turkey at your dinning room table? Well, you just made your vegetarian friends a victim of your murderous ways.

Want to eat tofu at your dinning room table? Well, you just made farmers a victim of your vegetarian ways.

Want to rob a bank? Well, that's okay because you are a victim of a society that rewards people for their success by giving them the ability to afford more lavish things in exchange for their contribution to society. How unjust.

As you can tell, you simply cannot win for losing. It is a freaking shame.

Just yesterday, I posted a picture on Facebook that showed the different thought patterns between a successful person and an unsuccessful person. It was meant to encourage people to look at their behavior. I noticed pieces of myself on both sides of the graphic (pictured right), and thought I would share it so my friends could use it to evaluate themselves. I even mentioned that it should be "stapled to the foreheads" of some people. A lot of people, like myself, allow little bad behaviors to sneak up on us and stick with us. We need to be reminded to let those behaviors go. Regardless, apparently I am just an asshole.

What resulted in me posting this graphic was a comment from a friend that stated that a truly successful person would not have to post such things. When I replied that it was meant to be helpful, I was then accused of not understanding their situation because I "do not have children".

First, get over the fact that you disagree with something.

Second, I cannot stand when somebody disqualifies your arguments because you don't have something.

You disagree with me on how brutally cold it is? Well I do not care about your argument because you were not born in Chicago.

You disagree with speed limit cameras in Chicago? You should have no say because you take the CTA to work.

You disagree with Hobby Lobby wanting to not dispense birth control to its' employees? You have a penis, so shut up.

What my point is, if I even have one, is that we have set up a system in our society that allows everyone to play a victim; yet, when they are given options to no longer be a victim, they disqualify every option because they made up some pre-qualifier that makes them superior to you on the subject.

Literally, they tune you out because they do not want to hear your side of the argument.

In other words, just get over yourself people. The world does not revolve around you.

If you disagree with something, then disagree. Do not play a victim. Do not try to act like you were injured in any way, shape, or form because somebody said something you did not like.

Suck it up and move on buttercup. It is called life.

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