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Judging others is bad and I judge you for it

Judging others is bad and I judge you for it
This post is my contribution to this month’s ChicagoNow‘s Blogapalooz-Hour. The mission of this project is for all participating ChicagoNow bloggers to write on a single random assigned topic. The catch though, is that we only have one hour to learn what the topic is, write about it, and publish our post. The topic for this... Read more »

Cats vs Dogs: Are cats better in the winter?

#9 - Cats are instant heaters. They love to climb up on your neck or lap to warm you up.

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Winter is almost here, and judging from the weather we have had in recent weeks, this Winter is going to be a cold, wet one. With that said, it made me ponder why cats may be better winter animals than dogs. Since I have both cats and dogs, I asked my friends to chime in... Read more »

Chicago Snow Pictures and Holiday Gift Guide

If you are a winter fan like me, then this Dunkin Donuts Cup does a great job of showing how I feel about the snow.
I am super excited about this morning’s snow in Chicago. Fortunately, I have not lived here long enough to start dreading snow yet. So, when I discovered we were getting a nice coating of it on everything, I was super happy. To me, snow just really makes it feel like the Holidays. With that said,... Read more »

Be a Victim: It's the American Way

Be a Victim: It's the American Way
Though I completely disagree with news organizations like Fox News saying that we are experiencing the “Wussification of America“, I do believe that something sinister is going on. We have trained Americans to play the victim in this Country. Nobody is responsible for their own actions anymore. Instead of taking responsibility, one merely just becomes... Read more »