Chicago Ventra Card: Double-dipping into your wallet

Chicago Ventra Card: Double-dipping into your wallet

You probably already have your new Chicago Ventra Card, or will soon, and expect everything to be perfect from here on out. Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but it is not going to go exactly like that. Of course, let us be honest, you did not expect it too.

If you are like me, you keep your Ventra Card in your wallet (or purse for you ladies), and it is just easier to tap your wallet to the touch pad when you board a bus or train. Why pull it out if you do not have to? Matter-of-fact, it worked that way with your Chicago Card, so why would it not work now?

Well, it does not work now. I discovered earlier today that every time I touch my wallet to the touch pad, it debits both my Ventra Card and my Chase Bank card. The reason for this double dipping is that both use Blink technology to process transactions.

Not exactly a great start to the new system.

This is even more upsetting when you realize that for every transaction you run with your bank card, Ventra is placing a $5 hold on your account until the transaction clears.

To make matters worse, I called Ventra to get the problem resolved. I honestly expected it to be an easy fix. Seriously, I did.

Guess what they said though!

They cannot credit the money back to your bank card because they do not have access to your bank card. They can only credit your Ventra Card.

Well, if you have a U-Pass (like me), or buy long-term passes to be added to your Ventra, this does you no good. You want the money credited back to your actual bank card.

To do that, your only option is to file a dispute with your bank. That is the only way to get Ventra to release your funds back to your actual bank card.

So, I'm in the process of filing a report with my bank now, and, trust me, I will never tap my wallet again.

I hope you don't either.

Lesson learned.

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