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The Renaissance Faire: History in your backyard

Prior to entering the Faire, you will recieve a speech from the Mayor of Bristol.
The Bristol Renaissance Faire is in full swing up in Kenosha, Wisconsin. On opening weekend a few weeks ago, my partner and I made the drive to finally experience all that the Faire has to offer. For those not in the know, the Bristol Renaissance Faire recreates Queen Elizabeth I’s visit to Bristol in 1574. Visitors and... Read more »

Comedy in Chicago is at its' peak with The Shit Show

Comedy in Chicago is at its' peak with The Shit Show
As we prepare to say goodbye to another month, it is, once again, time to say hello to The Shit Show. The Shit Show, in case you do not know, is a free comedy showcase held the last Friday of every month at The Shambles. Though the show has been making waves for years here in... Read more »

Blogging: Top 10 Things I've Learned

People will hate you for absolutely no reason whatsoever. Not only will they hate you, they will go out of their way to make sure that the whole world knows they hate you. These people are normally somebody you have never met. Fortunately, they normally hate you for something very important, like that time you blogged that you did not like the color yellow. 

(Image courtesy of
In celebration of my blog turning two years old yesterday, I have made a list of the Top 10 things I have learned from blogging. Enjoy! I hope you decide to follow me as we start Year #3 of ArkieLad. Be sure to type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription”... Read more »

Lincoln Park Zoo: A Chicago Summer Must

This bear at the Lincoln Park Zoo is not sure if his nails are cute enough to be photographed.
Note: ChicagoNow Bloggers are banding together today to give our readers the best of Chicago in the Summer. We will be sharing our favorite places, events, and summer activities all around Chicagoland. Get ready to experience the most comprehensive list of summer hot spots brought to you by true Chicagoans. The Lincoln Park Zoo, my... Read more »

Chicago plays Hump Night at Strawdog Theatre

Chicago plays Hump Night at Strawdog Theatre
The Strawdog Theatre Company welcomes back Hump Night this Wednesday evening. Hump Night, returning after a two week vacation, is a three-part hysterical show that guarantees laughs and giggles for over three solid hours. I had the pleasure of attending the performance right before their break, and I must say that this is a Chicago must... Read more »

Country Music lyrics lean gay with new artist

Thumbnail image for 'Country Music lyrics lean gay with new artist'
If you do not know the name Steve Grand yet, maybe you should learn it. Grand may just be the first openly gay male country music singer. In his video released earlier this week, Grand makes a dramatic video of falling in love with an All-American Boy. To find out if the love is mutual,... Read more »

Southern Baptists want you to avoid porn (also continue hating homosexuals)

Southern Baptists want you to avoid porn (also continue hating homosexuals)
The Southern Baptists have decided that they do not have enough things to hate, so they are turning their attention to one of men’s favorite pastimes, porn. The Southern Baptists, who founded their organization on slavery and racism, have attempted to control the minds of its’ 16 million members for years. Hell, after asking in... Read more »
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