Pro Gay Marriage Rally held in Chicago

After the historic actions yesterday of having both the Defense of Marriage Act overturned and Prop 8 dismissed by the United States Supreme Court, gays, lesbians, and our allys gathered in BoysTown last night to celebrate.

Not being one to let historic events pass us by, my partner and I ran over to join in on the festivities. With over 500 of our closest brothers and sisters, we gathered in a parking lot to rally. After the rally, we marched through BoysTown and Wrigleyville to celebrate the awesome victory and damand more victories in the coming months.

Though my partner and I planned to stay back and just watch everything, we were actually in a prime location as it turned out. When the parade kicked off, we surprisingly found ourself right behind the banner. So, with pride, we marched with the group.

Unfortunately, not everyone was there to celebrate. Some were there to say that the Supreme Court's decision was not enough. Though it did not grant equal marriage rights to everyone, it made the fight to achieve those rights easier. Unfortunately, some people can not even stop to celebrate even the smallest of victories.

“The court acted cowardly today.” yelled Andy Thayer. Thayer, a co-founder of the Gay Liberation Network, acted none to pleased about the decision. He vowed that "We’re not gonna rest until there is full marriage equality in all 50 states.”

While I agree with him about needing to get equality to every state, I think the event could have been geared a little more towards celebration, and a little less towards talking. The event featured almost, if not over, 10 different speakers. That is way to many for a small rally.

Matter-of-fact, after over an hour of speaches at the beginning of the rally, people were starting to leave. A group that was gathered near us were chanting "let's march" in hopes of speading up the speakers. Sadly, it did not work.

Many of those gathered around us ended up heading into the bars to celebrate on their own. Were we not geared up with signs and flags, my partner and I probably would have joined them.

Regardless, after the speakers were done blaming politicians for everything wrong in their life, the parade finally kicked off.

Let me tell you what a rush it was walking through the neighborhoods. I think with every step we took, the march got bigger and bigger. People were coming from bars in both BoysTown and Wrigleyville to join in. It was truly an awe-inspiring moment.

I managed to snap a few pictures, and I hope you enjoy them. Unforuntaely, they were with my phone, so they are not professional grade photos.

So, enjoy the photos, and let us all remember, that even the smallest victory is still worth celebrating. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

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