Boobs, breasts, and cleavage photos

I recently found myself in a strange situation as a gay man. While talking to a lesbian friend of mine, I was trying to make a joke about her showing her cleavage at the Pride Parade this weekend. In response to her asking if she had to flash me to get beads, I informed her that the festival was in BoysTown, not "Knockerstown".

Of course, we all know that during Pride there are plenty of exposed boobs to go around; however, I was attempting to be funny. Unfortunately, my grasp on the English language, the only one I know, failed me.

For some reason, knockers was the only word I could come up with for breasts. I could not even remember the word boobs. I wish I could have because I think that "Boobsville" would have been better than "Knockerstown"

Anyway, the entire ordeal led me to pose a question on Facebook about what term people use to describe breasts.

After reading the responses, I decided that I should make a Top 10 list.

So, without further ado, here are the Top 10 nicknames for breasts.

P.S. As an added bonus for my straight male and lesbian readers, I have included pictures. The pictures are of celebrity cleavage, so that makes it better I think. Now, knock yourself out. 

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