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Gay Pride 2013: Focused on Marriage Equality

This happened!
Chicago’s 44th Annual Pride Parade is now in the history books. According to the Chicago Police Department, over 1 million supporters lined the streets to watch one of the biggest celebrations of the year in Chicago. The parade, occurring less than a week after the United States Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage... Read more »

Boobs, breasts, and cleavage photos

#10 - Here is Aubrey O'Day showing off her "Figments".
I recently found myself in a strange situation as a gay man. While talking to a lesbian friend of mine, I was trying to make a joke about her showing her cleavage at the Pride Parade this weekend. In response to her asking if she had to flash me to get beads, I informed her... Read more »

Pro Gay Marriage Rally held in Chicago

This is me carrying a sign.
After the historic actions yesterday of having both the Defense of Marriage Act overturned and Prop 8 dismissed by the United States Supreme Court, gays, lesbians, and our allys gathered in BoysTown last night to celebrate. Not being one to let historic events pass us by, my partner and I ran over to join in on the festivities.... Read more »

Adopt a kitten: Should I or Shouldn't I?

Selena on her first night in our home. She was so scared.
Just so you know, I am a sucker for foster animals. Whether it happens to be a bird, cat, dog, or hamster, I always think that I can nurture them to health before handing them over to a new home. Unfortunately, sometimes fostering does not quiet work out as planned. For instance, every pet that I... Read more »

Chicago Festivals: 10 Things you are sure to notice

Suggested Donations are one of the main things you will notice. Chicago Festivals have a tendency to say they have a "Suggested Donation" for the Admission Price. Quit lying to yourself Chicago. It's an Admission Fee. Just call it what it is.
Whether it’s a huge Festival like Lollapalooza, or a neighborhood event like RibFest, Chicagoans love their Festivals. Matter-of-fact, many Chicagoans get through the long, cold winter months by fantasizing about how awesome the upcoming festival season will be. Even I even jumped on the bandwagon this year. After the winter that did not want to release its’ grip, I... Read more »

Chicago Comedy: Just for Laughs 2013 wraps up this weekend

Chicago Comedy: Just for Laughs 2013 wraps up this weekend
If you have yet to make it out to the TBS Just for Laughs Chicago festival, your last chance is fastly approaching. The last half of the festival kicks off tonight at 7:00 at various venues around Chicago. The schedule is listed below. Take note that even though the event runs through Sunday, Saturday is... Read more »

Wrigleyville: SausageFest Arrives

Ever find yourself stuck at a party that you dub a Sausage Fest? Well, why not find yourself at an actual event named SausageFest? That’s right, the 3rd Annual SausageFest Chicago, yes I promise that is the name, is this weekend at Wrigleyville. If you are like me, you are going just so you can check-in... Read more »

TBS Just for Laughs Chicago Festival wraps up first half tonight

TBS Just for Laughs Chicago Festival wraps up first half tonight
With the TBS Just for Laughs Chicago comedy festival fully under way, we now enter the third day of entertainment. So, whether you stayed in last night because of the storms or you are looking for something to do this Friday Eve, check the schedule below and find the show perfect for you. Tickets are... Read more »

TBS Just for Laughs delivers on opening night, Day 2 scheduled

TBS Just for Laughs delivers on opening night, Day 2 scheduled
Day one of the TBS Just for Laughs Chicago festival is in the history books. Fans were treated to near perfect weather while they came out to welcome some of America’s brightest stars to the City that knows Comedy. The first performance I saw last night was comedian TJ Jagodowski, best known to me from his Sonic Drive-In commercials, with his improv partner David... Read more »

TBS' Just For Laughs Chicago Festival kicks off today

TBS' Just For Laughs Chicago Festival kicks off today
The TBS Just for Laughs Chicago Festival kicks off today. Over the next six days, Chicagoans have a chance to see the world’s funniest comedians right here in our own City. To make it easier for you, I have included today’s line-up below. Tickets can still be purchased by clicking here. The Heat – FREE... Read more »
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